Adult Lasertag

Laserstrike is not just for kids! Laserstrike is what all the Wildwoodz staff do when you've gone home! At the end of the day you can usually find a couple of employees sneaking off into the woods with laser guns for a quick challenge.

Whilst Wildwoodz Laserstrike sessions are very lighthearted and fun - the activity itself is not necessarily for the faint hearted. There's nothing to affect accuracy other than you - If the red dot sight is true then you'll score a hit! How seriously do you want to take it?  Adults can use smoke grenades playing Laserstrike! Add to the experience and the excitement.


With up to 10 lives and unlimited ammo per game, you'll be alive and doing damage to the other teams lines for longer without any mess or bruises. If you're an armchair legend at Halo, Call of Duty Modern Warfare or any other popular computer simulation then come and test yourself against your friends and colleagues soon. It might not be as easy as you think!

Our guns have a 'Halo Shield' feature that regenerates when you're not taking hits. Play your favourite games for real at Wildwoodz.

Wildwoodz Laserstrike is proving popular with mixed sex office outings, Hen Parties and Stag Party's with limited time slots. Great value and ideal for evening sessions during the summer months after work.

If Lasertag is not the activity you want. Try Wildwoodz Paintball / Wildwoodz Archery / Wildwoodz Axe Throwing / Wildwoodz Bushcraft / Wildwoodz Laser Clays


Lasertag session times are custom to suit your group. Subject to availability.


Sharpshooter Session          (1.5 Hours on site - Unlimited Ammo)   £21.99pp

Battlestar Session                 (2.5 Hours on site - Unlimited Ammo)   £26.99pp

Please Note: Minimum numbers apply


Please Note: Our on-line booking system has booking deadlines which can sometimes be over ruled by our office staff  - if you can't book it on-line please ring.

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