Axe Throwing

You heard us right the first time ... That's right Axe Throwing. Yes it involves the throwing of axes ... Sharp ones.

Wildwoodz Axe Throwing is something completely new to the area and an activity we can almost guarantee you won't have tried before but as soon as you do you'll love it.  Why? Because it feels naughty. It feels like it's something you shouldn't really be allowed to do...and boy is it satisfying.

Our staff will give you full tuition during the session and we'll soon have you planting a 12 inch tomahawk into the heavy duty log targets with ease. When you master the axes you'll be ready for the next challenge - but you'll just have to wait and see...

Bring out your inner viking with Wildwoodz Axe throwing.

Axe Tthrowing


Axe throwing can be booked as a single activity or as an add on to any other of the activities we offer. A sessions are either one or two hours and may vary slightly depending on the size of your group. Start and finish times are subject to availability.


(Over 12's only)

1.5 Hour - £19.99 per person. (£15.00 if booked as an add on activity)


Please Note: Our on-line booking system has booking deadlines which can sometimes be over ruled by our office staff  - if you can't book it on-line please ring.

Axe throwing is most commonly used as an add-on activity to Archery or Bushcraft.

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