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RENTAL MEMBERSHIP. Paintball rental membership is just £10 per year and gives you 100 free paintballs every time you play! If you come to Wildwoodz more than once in a calendar year you will save money on any  additional paintballs you buy! Call us and ask about Rental membership.

Advised for : players that don't own paintball gear but play paintball at Wildwoodz more than once  a year.

WALK-ON MEMBERSHIP. A walk-on is a player that owns all their own paintball equipment and only needs paintballs to play. Wildwoodz runs a members day on the first sunday of every month for players with their own kit who want to test themselves out against all the other gun owners. Walk-on members get large discounts on bulk paintballs for just £75 per year - call us and ask about Walk-on membership.

Advised for : Players that own paintball gear and want to play at Wildwoodz regularly / monthly.

Please Note: Walk-on membership is free when you buy your paintball gun set up from Wildwoodz. Conditions apply to Gun owners playing amongst rental groups.

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