Combat Archery

Combat Archery Wildoodz on the Black Isle near Inverness

Combat Archery was introduced to Wildwoodz in 2015 and is a cross between Paintball and Archery. It's a version of Archery Tag that you may have seen on you tube via your social media feed. It's a great new sport for players aged 12 and up a more detailed description can be found here

Arena Combat Archery - played on our grass pitch with inflatable bunkers to hide behind, Arena Combat Archery is fast and furious ! Games are shorter but turnaround time is very quick so play is a bit more like tennis or other court sports.


Up until the end of 2020 you'll be able to play Combat Archery at Wildwoodz for a great introductory price...

Arena Combat Archery - 10 Players for a 2 Hour session with as many games as you can get! - £249.99 (£25 per person)


Please Note: Our on-line booking system has booking deadlines which can sometimes be over ruled by our office staff  - if you can't book it on-line please ring.

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Combat Archery sessions are to suit demand and are subject to availability.