WWZ Zombie Survival

The undead finally came. As anarchy first descended, the smart ones ran. Rather than enlist in the unfolding terror in towns and cities they grabbed their stores and went deep in country. Their long mocked plans quickly became failsafe blueprints for existence, a continuation of life in appropriate havens. Places fit for one aim - Survival.

Your WWZ Zombie Survival experience is Bushcraft preparation for the unthinkable. There's only one question worth asking.

What's your plan?

Leave civilisation behind and track deep into the woods. Learn how to exist undetected far from civilisation and avoid infection. Create your teams apocalypse protocol whilst adapting ancient techniques to invent new methods, new weapons....and new rules.

Watch out for zombies.


Zombie Survival lasts 4 hours - if you make it through. Session times are Mon - Fri to suit you and are subject to availability. Call us to check.


Up to 15 participants aged 16 and over £750. (£50.00 per person)

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 Suggested add-on activity: Archery or Axe Throwing to hone those zombie killing skills.